Important ✮ To read before applying to the Staff

Important post to read
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Hello everyone!

Before applying to the Staff, it is necessary to read this post:​

We do not impose a "standard" application. You are free to think of an application that is pleasant to read, neat, original and above all that shows your motivation!

Mandatory requirements:
• Be at least 16 years old. (With some exceptions)
• Spelling mistakes to be limited. ( It is necessary to master the English language )
• Be present on the server every day.
• Have several weeks of play on the server.
• Never having been banned.
• Not to be part of the staff of another server.

The study of your application as well as your behavior in Game and on Discord can take time depending on the availability of the Staff, your profile...
The waiting period varies from a few days to several weeks.

If your application is rejected, please wait at least 30 days before applying again.

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