Important ✮ To be read before filing a complaint or disputes

Important post to read
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A problem in-game, but no moderator is connected?
The Complaints Desk is the place to complain about a player's behavior.

Use-Bug, Cheat, Hack, Insults, Scam, SPAM this is the place to complain.

For any complaint, it is required to provide proofs!
(Screen, Record, Pictures)
Without proof there is no point in making a disputes!​

The following is a typical complaint format:
If the presentation is not correct, the topic will be closed and your complaint ignored!

  1. My In-Game Nickname:
  2. Nickname of the accused player:
  3. Date & time:
  4. Reasons of the complaint:
  5. Proofs:
  6. Explanations:

A member of InvasionZ staff will respond to your complaint and apply sanctions if necessary.

All lies, identity theft, fraudulent attempts to get a player banned are punishable by ban.

Not open for further replies.