Important ✮ Rules of good conduct

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Rules of good conduct:

From the moment you log in on our servers, you must have read the rules and apply them.
Any breach of the rules will be punished!

  • The respect is very important for us: don't forget that this is only a game, insults, racist remarks, and discrimination are to be avoided. Any inappropriate comments in a public server will be punished.
  • Any form of cheating is strictly forbidden. Use-Bug, cheat software, mini-map that allows to see the players, x-ray, autoclickers are forbidden. If you are suspected of cheating, a moderator may ask you to check your Minecraft files.
  • Please do not use SMS language on the chat channel, do not SPAM the channel unnecessarily, remember that you are not alone.
  • Any form of advertising is forbidden!
  • Usurping the identity of a staff member or a player is punishable by ban.
  • Staff members are not machines, please respect their work.

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