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I have an idea that some buildings on the map would be for sale at a great value, but if the player is in a clan, the building could only be bought by the clan or gang owner, but the advantage for clan construction would be a bit bigger but even more expensive. You could buy barricades, barbed wire and chests for the construction, which would be more expensive so that the player would not have much of them.
If he wanted to destroy something, he couldn't destroy anything other than what he built himself, I know that it would be difficult to damage it, but I hope that it will work somehow if you like it. If someone tried to get into his building, the door could not be opened until he was a member of the clan or the owner of the building. In case my idea is liked, the number of item slot at the banker could be reduced. If you like my idea I will welcome it and I will be happy if you contact me on my Calcord # 4170 discord. Thanks