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Server rules

Each player who does not respect the rules will be given a penalty. The staff reserves the right to adapt them according to the situation. The staff assumes that a player connected to the server, has read and accepted the rules that follow (to avoid any surprises). For your information, the rules are likely to change from one day to another, check or consult them very regularly, it is your duty to keep yourself informed.


Account Responsibility

The player is the sole owner of his account. Therefore, we are not responsible for your account and we are not obliged to return it to you if it is lost or stolen. Moreover, the staff advises you not to disclose your password to anyone and to use a different password than on other servers. However, you can ask a member of the staff to help you recover it, but generally no refund will be made. If we manage to recover it, your belongings will be returned to you and the alleged thief will be punished.
Furthermore, the staff strongly advises you to change your password after the recovery of an account and to link it to your email address.


Players' skins are also reprimanded by the staff. Any vulgar, religious, political, nudist, sexist (...) skins are strictly forbidden on the server. You will therefore be obliged to change your skin immediately. If this warning is ignored, a sanction will be taken against you.


The nickname of your account is your responsibility. All nicknames of a racist, vulgar, sexist, degrading, political or insulting nature (...) are strictly forbidden and will be sanctioned by a permanent ban without the possibility of transferring the account.

Account sharing

Account sharing between players is tolerated as long as the "sharing" does not involve a financial exchange. You will be responsible for lost or stolen accounts, so no refunds will be given. If the account has been sold or rented, it may be deleted or reset without notice.

IRL Money Exchange

2 players will be permanently or temporarily banned if they exchange real money for items. On the other hand, exchanges between servers are tolerated. On the other hand, promoting this kind of exchange in the public chat is strictly forbidden and punishable. (Ex: Ask in the public chat if players exchange CS GO skins...)

Authorization to play

A Staff reserves the right to delete or reset a player's account for violation of the rules. A player cannot protect themselves from punishment by ignoring the rules.

Bypassing Sanction

A player using a double account to overcome a ban or mute will be subject to an extended penalty period or even a permanent ban.



Players exploiting bugs (especially Duplication) or loopholes in the server will find themselves in the immediate obligation to warn the staff under penalty of very heavy sanctions. Players who turn a blind eye or are accomplices will suffer the same fate. A player who has a LAG/ping rise must not take advantage of it to win an event, under penalty of a ban and sanctions.
During the duels, you commit to a fight. It is therefore not allowed to camp and run away for a long time during a duel.


  • Any software, or other way to improve your PVP is strictly forbidden.
  • Boosting your KS or duel victories is totally prohibited.
  • Any suspicious movement is also forbidden, even at the spawn.
  • Increasing your clicks disproportionately is strictly forbidden. The only thing prohibited is the possession of software that allows you to increase your clicks.

VPN and Proxy

VPNs/Proxies that aim to hide a player's IP address are prohibited and are mostly blocked. If however a player is considered under VPN when it is not the case this one can gain access to the server from a member of the staff.


To protect yourself from scams, a protected live trading system is offered in-game to exchange any type of content in a secure manner. Any complaints about scams will not be processed if the trade did not take place with the trade plugin. Please also note that if a player offers you a suspicious exchange and the player formally refuses to go through the exchange plugin, the player is about to scam you. You can report this to a staff member.

Sales hotel

The server has an auction house where players can sell to other players. In case of abuse with the hdv, players face a "ban" from the hdv called hdv blacklist. For example, if you sell overpriced items, you may be subject to this penalty.


The server and the administrators of our services are in no way responsible for any bugs, rollbacks of the minecraft server and your resources (rollbacks), server errors, server crashes (bugs causing the server to stop temporarily) ... We will not return any resource (items, statistics ...). In case of theft of stuff, if it is found intact in game in possession of the thief we can return it to you. Please note however that we will never re-create stuff by ourselves, we only do transfers.


Respect for others

The server's chat is accessible to everyone and for this reason we impose an irreproachable behavior.
Therefore, any insulting, abusive, xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, provocative, denigrating a player or which could shock people is prohibited on the server.
Please note that a chain of penalties can also lead to a ban from the server.

Written behavior

Any behavior intended to publicly humiliate a player or any other type of harassment will be heavily sanctioned. It is up to the staff to decide if a behavior is considered harmful or not.

Messages indésirables

In order to keep the chatroom a healthy discussion space, any message considered useless, preventing a good readability of the chat or any false information, may be sanctioned.
However this type of message is tolerated in private message, it is your responsibility to block or not the problematic persons, the staff is only in charge of cleaning the public chat.
If you ever notice a clear abuse of this type of message in private, you can still report them after too many reports. The player may then be penalized.
Note that for this type of message as well, the staff has the final say on a message that is deemed problematic.


Any form of advertising or self-promotion in the chat will be heavily sanctioned. Quoting the name of a competitor server can be considered as a form of advertising, when it can be repeated on the long term. Promotions like youtube or twitch are done on discord, preferably by a Staff or with an authorization. In-game messages dedicated to this are posted by the staff or by approval of the staff beforehand. Any self-promotional message posted without upstream staff approval may be considered advertising and may be penalized accordingly.


In-game nicknames (or more commonly called "nick") are very strictly regulated. These allow a player to change his nickname, this one must respect the rules as well as a message in the chat. If a staff considers it incorrect, you are obliged to change it on the spot. If you refuse to change it, you may lose access to the command temporarily or permanently; and other sanctions may be applied.

Using this order to impersonate a player, staff or public figure is also prohibited. If you do so, you may be subject to severe penalties.


Any form of threat can be punished, even if it is not recorded. If these threats are serious, very heavy sanctions may be taken accordingly. It is up to the staff to consider what is a threat or not.


Some messages can be directly harmful, even outside the chat and sometimes even outside the game. That's why any message like IP address, name address and anything close to DOX are strictly forbidden on the server. Attempting to steal an account via chat messages is also prohibited. Players must feel safe in the chat and it is the responsibility of the staff to punish this kind of behavior.

The staff reserves the right to punish any other type of message depending on the situation, even if it does not fit into any of the boxes predefined in these rules.


If there is no staff present in game, we advise you to take a screenshot of the message you find offensive and send it to a staff member so that they can sanction the player in question. This can be done on Discord.

If the player is covered by an in-game nick, please run the /realname <pseudo> command to display their real name.
The offending message AND the result of the /realname command must appear on the same screenshot.

The staff reserves the right to refuse a report if it doubts the veracity of the origin of the screenshot (the report must be sent just after the in-game incident has taken place).

Other media

This rule also applies to all other textual media supported by the server, such as: gang names and descriptions, pet names and item names. If abuse is found on any of these media, the staff reserves the right to remove the entity in question without notice according to the sanction list.


The server has a plugin to automatically filter insults and abusive language. The staff sees and has the possibility to sanction you on a message that has been blocked by this plugin.

Therefore, any attempt to bypass this plugin will also be sanctioned even if the real message is no longer distinctive. If your post is blocked by the plugin, it is strongly recommended that you use more respectful language and not simply edit it to override the warning.


Contesting Improper Penalty

All players who challenge or attempt to reduce their penalty time improperly will be subject to a more severe penalty if the request originated outside of the forum. In addition, players other than the case who contest a staff sanction will also be sanctioned.


If the player does not agree with the sanction, he can still go to the staff member who sanctioned him to explain and have more information on this decision always in the calmest possible way. The sanctioned player has the right to ask for a review of the sanction on the discord platform with the concerned staff member. Please note that it is strictly forbidden to ignore a staff member via /ignore.

Note that it is totally useless to go to a staff member outside the sanction because only the staff member who applied the sanction is able to revoke it (exception if he gives explicit permission to another staff member)

Sanctioning Repeat Offenders

The staff will punish repeat offenders so that the duration of the mute/ban is increased to a permanent mute or a permanent ban from the account depending on the rules the player has broken.


Unban key

Buying unban keys on another account/name in order to benefit again from the purchase of unban key level 1 (reduced price) and save money is forbidden. You may be asked to pay the difference in order to play again.
In case of abuse we can also refuse to deban you.

[i] Thank you for reading the rules, please note that they are subject to change at any time: so it is your duty to read them regularly.

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