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  1. Lunatik93

    Pending Pls read mi idea .

    I will maybe add a base system, players will be able to buy bases already builded on the map with the gang.
  2. Lunatik93

    Important ✮ To be read before filing a complaint or disputes

    A problem in-game, but no moderator is connected? The Complaints Desk is the place to complain about a player's behavior. Use-Bug, Cheat, Hack, Insults, Scam, SPAM this is the place to complain. WARNING: For any complaint, it is required to provide proofs! (Screen, Record, Pictures) Without...
  3. Lunatik93

    Important ✮ Please read before posting a suggestion or idea

    This is where you can post your ideas to improve the server! Please be clear in your proposed ideas, we are on a Minecraft server without mods, only with a texture pack. Don't feel offended if your idea is rejected, it's not against you, maybe your idea sounds good but it can't be applied on...
  4. Lunatik93

    Important ✮ [Recruiting] Game Helper: ON

    Hello everyone, The recruitments are OPEN. We are looking for: - [Game Helper] Please read the recruitment conditions before applying: Click Here Good luck to all! InvasionZ STAFF
  5. Lunatik93

    Important ✮ To read before applying to the Staff

    Hello everyone! Before applying to the Staff, it is necessary to read this post: We do not impose a "standard" application. You are free to think of an application that is pleasant to read, neat, original and above all that shows your motivation! Mandatory requirements: • Be at least 16...
  6. Lunatik93

    Sanctions ✮ Sanction Lists

    In case of non respect of the rules a sanction will be applied to you List of applicable sanctions: Chat sanctions: Using an insulting, provocative, or damaging /nick on another player: • 1st Warn: Call to order • 2nd Warn: 24 hours of ban + Remove of /nick 1 week Provocation to a player...
  7. Lunatik93

    Important ✮ General rules

    Server rules Each player who does not respect the rules will be given a penalty. The staff reserves the right to adapt them according to the situation. The staff assumes that a player connected to the server, has read and accepted the rules that follow (to avoid any surprises). For your...
  8. Lunatik93

    Recall ✮ Selling stuff for real money

    Recall: Exchanging in-game equipment for real money is prohibited by the server rules. If you offer equipment for real money you will be banned from our servers. Warning: If you make a trade with a player who is not authorized by the server, it is useless to come to complain, no refund will be...
  9. Lunatik93

    Important ✮ Refund of in-game stuff

    Refunding in-game stuff is IMPOSSIBLE! In any case: - Even if there are bugs. - Even if a player using a cheat killed you. - No matter what the reason is. Pourquoi ? Simply to avoid player abuse, and to keep the game free of giveaways. No staff member has the authorization to give equipment...
  10. Lunatik93

    Important ✮ Rules of good conduct

    Rules of good conduct: From the moment you log in on our servers, you must have read the rules and apply them. Any breach of the rules will be punished! The respect is very important for us: don't forget that this is only a game, insults, racist remarks, and discrimination are to be...
  11. Lunatik93

    Announce Opening of the server.

    Hello everyone, The server will be launched on 07/05/2021. Good game to all on InvasionZ !